Project Highlights


3D Modeling

Giant Robot 3D Model

This project was both challenging and exhilarating, pushing us to convert a client’s vision into a detailed, playable miniature. Our team skillfully used Zbrush to design a model compatible with FDM and resin printers, balancing aesthetics with functionality. The outcome was a stunning, intricately detailed robot that exceeded our client’s

3D Modeling & Printing

D&D 3D Models

We are proud to reflect on a recent project where we crafted three fantasy figurines: a Godzilla-like creature, a Devil, and a Swamp Monster, for an e-commerce client. From conceptualizing these mythical designs to their final 3D realization in Zbrush, our journey was both challenging and exhilarating. We meticulously crafted

3D Modeling & Printing

Ravioli 3D Model

This challenge involved closely collaborating with the client to capture their whimsical vision, followed by detailed modeling in Zbrush and meticulous printing using Bambu Lab X1C and P1S printers. The result was 150 exquisite figurines that perfectly embodied the playful and engaging theme, delighting the client and their customers alike.