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3D Printed QR Code

3D printing has emerged not just as a tool for making prototypes but also as a canvas for turning mundane things into incredible ones. A 3D printed QR code is proof of this.  3D printed QR codes add depth to the otherwise two-dimensional digital language. Once 3D printed, they are

Best PLA Print Temperature Settings For 3D Printing

Polylactic Acid, commonly known as PLA, is widely used in manufacturing and 3D printing due to its eco-friendly properties, versatility, and few limitations. PLA’s versatility is highly regarded because of its low melting point, which makes the material very easy to use. The low extrusion temperature of PLA—about 130-180°C—makes it

3D Printed Furniture

Over the years, 3D printing has undergone continuous evolution. From initially printing small trinkets, we have now advanced to the point where we can make life-sized objects, including 3D print furniture. This advancement is particularly evident in the growth of 3D printing services in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, where these services are playing a

Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be a stressful endeavor; you can keep racking your brain or scouring the mall for the perfect present but still come up empty. For this, 3D printed gifts can come to your rescue. For example, you can personalize the gift as much as you want like using the