3d printed gift ideas

Gift-giving can be a stressful endeavor; you can keep racking your brain or scouring the mall for the perfect present but still come up empty. For this, 3D printed gifts can come to your rescue.

For example, you can personalize the gift as much as you want like using the recipient’s favorite color or print their names on the model. Your gifts can also be unique if you add functional slots that will be handy to the receiver.

The following are our suggestions for 3D printed gift ideas that you can give during special occasions, anniversaries, celebrations, or even a “just because” present. We have a perfect item for every kind of recipient!

Plant Pots

Your green-thumbed friend or loved one will surely appreciate this gift. You can go with a traditional design or one that shows the personality of your friend. This will be perfect for housewarming parties or for a new co-worker who wants to spruce their desk.

For example, you can have a 3D printed planter pot that looks like a skull, or you can make it look elegant by using classic swirls or geometric shapes. 

If the gift recipient has a favorite movie character, you can make the head of that character the plant pot (Groot’s an absolutely universal choice for this). A 3D printed plant pot that already has a succulent in it also makes an excellent gift. 


Lamps may seem like a bland gift, but you can make them interesting by designing a 3D printed one. It is a safe option because almost everyone has a use for lamps.

The best thing about a 3D printed gift lamp is you can personalize its design as much as you want. You are not hindered by spatial constraints when it comes to the body, for instance. Just make sure that the base layout can support it!

You can make it look intricate just like those Victorian lamps or you can go with a fun design like a lamp that was modeled after the iron throne in Game of Thrones. You can also get funky with multi-color LEDs if you are going for the night lamp effect. 

Further, you can also combine other media like glass, then you can print quotes or names on it. An intricate white 3D printed lamp that has the names of a certain couple printed on plexiglass will make for a good anniversary gift.

RC Models

If you have an RC hobbyist in your life, then a 3D printed RC will surely get them excited. You have two options for this. 

The first one is to design an RC model as a whole to form a component like a rock crawler or a boat. This 3D printed RC has a simpler layout, and it can still move by using a simple motor with an electronic speed controller. The addition of the mechanical components makes this present unique.

The second option is one that has all the components and pieces of an actual RC. In this way, the gift recipient can have fun assembling and disassembling the model. They can even customize how it runs by having other 3D printed parts.

The latter option is a gift that keeps on giving as the recipient may even request specific parts to be printed to make their models faster or stronger. If this is the case, then you have an unlimited source of gift ideas for the rest of the year.

Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry is simple and can be easily mass-produced. Thus, jewelry gift ideas are great for giveaways, prizes, or party gifts. For ladies, you can 3D print the dangle for dangling earrings or the charm of a silver necklace or bracelet.

For men who have piercings, you can do black 3D printed studs. A charm for a necklace or bracelet will also work well. Further, you can also pair the look of the 3D printed jewelry depending on the theme of a certain event.

Gift ideas for jewelry are also simple to conceptualize. 3D printing these tokens does not need a lot of time due to the small pattern size. 3D printed accessories are effortless but unique presents.

3D Printed Flowers

A 3D printed bouquet of flowers is a meaningful gift for your wife, mom, or significant other since it has the same sentimental effect as traditional flower bouquets. Unlike traditional bouquets, a 3D printed bouquet will never wilt. You no longer have to spend money on expensive bouquets that get thrown after a week.

To personalize the bouquet, you just need to learn about the recipient’s favorite flower. You can also add other elements to the bouquet to make it look like the real one, such as 3D printed leaves, twigs, and more. 

Lastly, you also have the option to add lights. Using a yellow light as the backdrop for the 3D printed flowers exudes a romantic feel.

Cool Car Models

The car enthusiast in your life will truly appreciate you if you give them a 3D printed car model. For instance, if the gift’s recipient has a car that they are proud of, you can make a 3D printed model of their actual car. Another option is to give them a 3D printed car of their dream car if you happen to know what it is.

You can also make these car models look classier if you place the 3D-printed car on a wooden base and encase it with acrylic glass!

To add a bit of luxury, you can add LED lights at the base to light the car adequately. You can also choose to have the base move in a circular motion, “car show style.” In this way, all the angles of the 3D printed car can be easily seen on a display rack.

3D Printed Landscapes

A 3D printed landscape bust is a great gift for friends and family who love to travel. This gift will not only look good when displayed, but the recipient will also remember the experiences that they had in that particular place. You can also give this 3D printed landscape to a person who has a dream vacation place and it will serve as an inspiration for their future travels.

Also, a 3D printed landscape will work well as a going away token for loved ones who are moving states or emigrating to a different country. The layout of your 3D printed model can be a famous landscape from that specific place.

For this gift to look like it was found in an antique shop, you can go with one color. If you choose the color white, for example, the final concept will look like a Roman bust which can be a statement piece in any room.

You can also paint the 3D printed landscape. Try to use a recent picture as a reference so that it will look true to life!

Additionally, you can make the 3D printed landscape bust functional. You can add a place where you can put pens or documents at the back.

Custom Name Pens

A 3D printed pen is a good gift for everyone because it is functional. The personalized look of the pen also gives the impression that you gave it much thought. 

This 3D printed custom pen will be most appreciated by people who write a lot for work or pleasure—especially those who use planners or do bullet journaling. If this is the case, it is better to have a 3D printed custom name pen with a clip, so they can attach the pen to their planners or notebooks.

If the color for the 3D printed pen is the favorite color of the recipient, then even better.

In order to make it more customized, pair the font of the name that is printed on the pen based on the personality of the person that you are going to give it to. For example, if you have a colleague who is the joker of the group, the pen could be a bright yellow with a font with bold and swirly letters. Simple 3D printed ideas like pens prove to be meaningful presents when the concept is unique to the recipient.

Custom Pet Bowls

This is a thoughtful 3D printed gift because most people treat their pets as family. Pet owners will also be happy when they see their pets eat and drink from the customized bowl. One can think of it as the priceless china that people tend to use on special events, but this time their pets can dine and drink in luxury every day.

We are not just referring to regular 3D printed bowls that are circular and have a dip in the middle, either. You can get creative with the 3D printed bowl by having a photo of their pet and printing that graphic on the bowl, and adding the name of the pet. If you are going for a minimalist vibe, the concept can be just the cartooned face of the pet and you can add ears on the side of the bowl.

It will also be a much more meaningful gift if you know if their pet has a fast-eating habit because you can 3D print a slow-feeding outline on the base of the bowl. 

Ring Holder

A timeless fashion “trend” is to don stackable rings. So, if you know someone who likes rings—or even other types of accessories—get them a 3D printed ring holder. The 3D ring holder can also be used for other accessories, especially necklaces with thin bands that tend to tangle when put on a flat surface.

For the layout, we suggest using an actual pattern of a hand so that the rings can easily fit into it.

The 3D printed hand can be a traditional dainty hand or even a skeleton hand. If the recipient is a fan of precious gems and stones, the 3D ring holder can be designed like a quartz, and the pointy tips are where the rings should go. Another unique idea is to use the infinity gauntlet from the Marvel cinematic universe, if your pal is a fan of comic books or movies.

Tent Stakes

If the recipient of your gift loves camping and exploring the great outdoors, a 3D printed model of a tent stake will prove to be simple but useful.

It is better if you can give that person a whole set of different types of tent stakes so that they have the luxury of picking a tent stake depending on the terrain that they are currently camped in. You can also add a unique touch to the 3D printed tent stake by adding lights on the stakes.

In this way, the recipient of your 3D stakes can also pack less camping lights, as the lights on them already add to the visibility of the camping ground at night.

Gear Shifters

A 3D printed gear shifter is perfect for people who love to personalize the interior of their cars. People who often go on long drives will also appreciate this gift. A unique 3D printed gear shifter adds a personal touch to car interiors and can also be made functional. 

If the recipient of the gear shifter loves sparkly things, then the pattern could emulate the shape of a diamond or quartz. You can also have a head pattern for the gear shifter, like a stormtrooper headgear.

For people who have more classic tastes, you can elevate the look of their 3D printed gear shifter with a simple but textured pattern. This concept also has practical use, especially for those who have sweaty hands, as their hands have more traction on the shifter when they use your present.

Home Garden Labels

3D printed garden labels are practical gifts for people who grow their own produce or ornamental plants in their backyards. An example of this is root crops. It is difficult to identify which crop you are harvesting since all of them are underneath the soil.

The 3D printed garden labels not only help with organization but add to the aesthetics of the garden. Do not be afraid to go with bold colors so that the labels are easy to see and read. These 3D garden labels are also sturdy and will not deteriorate due to weather or insect infestation.


3D printed glass coasters may not seem like an extravagant present, but they are definitely practical and eye-catching. 3D printed coasters are perfect wedding or housewarming gifts. For some, coasters are just an afterthought, but in reality, they are a staple household item. Thus, home makers will also appreciate this.

You can make this present more creative by picking a concept that is unique like a cookie or an emoji. You can further personalize it by putting the names of the family members. Also, the layout does not need to be graphic, you could also put mantras or quotes. 

Coffee Pod Holder

A 3D printed coffee pod holder will be appreciated by a coffee-lover. Just make sure that they use a coffee capsule brewing machine. Coffee pods take up a lot of space in drawers and counters. It is also difficult to choose a pod when they are not neatly displayed.

Having a pod holder does not only add aesthetic value to their coffee corner but also makes it easier for them to get a hold of their chosen coffee pod.

For this, it is best to go for a solid and neutral color so that the coffee pod holder will fit in any type of kitchen or pantry interior. You can also add a slot for used coffee pods for easier disposal or add a slot for the unopened box packaging of coffee pods to help with organization.

Custom Keycaps

A 3D printed keycap is a cool token for someone who uses mechanical keyboards, such as gamers, keyboard enthusiasts, and writers. The fresh look and feel of their keyboards renew their gaming and typing experience. 

Having an accent keycap that is customized makes their keyboard look unique. If they are a fan of tactile switches, the feel of a resin keycap adds value to their typing experience.

If you intend to give keycaps, take note of the keyboard switches they use and the profile of the keycaps that they prefer. You can also ask about the modifications that they made on their keyboards, just to be sure that you are making them a keycap that fits and works properly.

Some concept suggestions are sigils or symbols of their favorite game. It can also be a character from a movie or show that they love to watch, or it can also be food. You can also add variety to the keycaps designs by having flat, embossed, or 3D caps. 

Having an accent keycap that is customized makes their keyboard look unique, and if they are a fan of tactile switches, the feel of an embossed keycap adds value to their typing experience.

If you intend to give keycaps, take note of the keyboard switches that they use and the profile of the keycaps that they prefer. You can also ask about the modifications that they made on their keyboards, just to be sure that you are getting them a keycap that fits and works properly.


Prolonged sitting in a work chair can cause annoying back pain. A backrest supports and relieves back strain. This is why a 3D printed backrest is perfect for your co-worker, boss, or people who work from home.

A backrest can also be a valuable present for people who tend to spend a lot of time sitting because it can help improve their posture.

Keep in mind that you cannot change the form of the backrest too much. The layout should adhere to strict measurements for the backrest to support the back properly. Make sure that the aesthetic part of the pattern does not affect its functionality.

You can make the backrest more interesting by using the favorite color of the recipient. You can also incorporate graphic designs that they will possibly like. Some suggestions for the image outline are geometric or flower designs. You can add more personalization by printing the name of the recipient on the backrest.

Print Your Gift Ideas To Life

It may come off as cliche, but the possibilities are truly endless if you already have a 3D print gift idea. Gifting a 3D print model not only gives the impression that you gave your present a lot of thought, but you also get to give something that proves to be of value to the recipient. 

The only thing that can hinder you from getting a 3D print present is your imagination! Just be ready to do the work. But once you print the model, all your hard work is worth it.  


Are there designs that cannot be 3D printed?

Yes, there are designs that cannot be 3D printed. Some examples of these are perfect sphere designs that do not have support, metals like silver or gold, and materials that are too hard or flammable. 

Does printing 3D gifts take a long time?

The printing time depends on your concept. You should start the designing and printing process a week before the event, if you have a simple layout. For complicated designs, preparation and execution should be two to three weeks before the event. So that you have time to check the 3D printed model for errors. If there are any, you have ample time to reprint it. 

Can I change the design after the pieces have been printed?

You can no longer change the design once it has been printed by the 3D printer. If you wish to make changes, the printing process needs to start from scratch. Therefore, you have to be 100% sure of your final layout before you move on to printing.

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