Scott Gabdullin

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Scott Gabdullin is a Canadian entrepreneur, the jack-of-all-trades behind the Design Dynamics brand. He’s a multi-entrepreneur, a marketing professional, and an engineer at heart.

When he’s not busy turning his passion for 3D printing into a thriving business, he’s off on thrilling adventures with his family, exploring the wilds of North America in their trusty Jeep Rubicon. 

With a background in digital marketing and a never-quit mentality, Scott is the driving force behind Design Dynamics and its mission to revolutionize the world of 3D printing.

Articles by Scott Gabdullin

3D Printing

Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be a stressful endeavor; you can keep racking your brain or scouring the mall for the perfect present but still come up empty. For this, 3D printed gifts can come to your rescue. For example, you can personalize the gift as much as you want like using the recipient’s favorite color or print


Design Dynamics Revolutionizes 3D Printing Services with its Official Launch

Toronto, Canada — April 17, 2023 — Design Dynamics, a cutting-edge 3D printing services company, is excited to announce its official launch today. Founded by Scott Gabdullin, a fearless entrepreneur and marketing mastermind, and Paul Chow, a 3D printing master craftsman, Design Dynamics aims to revolutionize the world of 3D printing by offering top-quality, customized solutions

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